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Reverse Supply Chain Engineer at Chanvra Materials

Brian Mogli is the Reverse Supply Chain Engineer at Chanvra Materials, and an expert in hemp agroforestry and sustainable hemp materials and products. He has developed regenerative agriculture systems to supply bulk hemp materials for natural products, and is committed to enriching the bioeconomy of North America by introducing the most advanced practices for industrial agroforestry production. 


At Chanvra, Brian has created a system committed to some of the highest standards of regenerative agriculture which he brings to all GEIA projects:


  • Cooperative Model: where farmers- and not corporations- are in financial control of the crop processing.  

  • Transitional Supply Chain: Propagating the cooperative model to develop locally owned processing cooperatives, and 

  • Ecological and Cultural Regeneration: This model has far reaching consequences and that is intentional. We are here to do much more than simply grow a crop and produce a product.


At our core, we are here to regenerate the agricultural landscape of North America; to heal the waters by healing our relationship with the land. And though we love industrial hemp, we understand that it is simply a vehicle that is helping us to reach a far greater destination. The destination is a sovereign landscape, where the people can produce the materials they need from what is around them. The waters flow freely and healthfully, food is abundant and grows both in the trees and out in the fields.


Regeneration is our collective responsibility. Abundance is our collective birthright.

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