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Founder & Director of FH Wetland Systems

Feidhlim Harty is founder and director of FH Wetland Systems, one of Ireland’s premier wetland restoration, sustainability and environmental consulting firms. An expert in sustainability, rewilding and wetland based waste-management, he has been publishing on sustainable and restorative topics for over twenty years. His most recent books are Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds and Towards Zero Waste- How to Live a Circular Life.


Feidhlim is passionate about designing zero waste lifestyles, biodiversity corridors and the power of rewilding. He firmly believes the more we learn about the natural world, the more we realise that people need what nature offers rather than the other way around. In meeting both our own needs and those of the rest of the natural world we could be on the cusp of something truly beautiful.

Regeneration is our collective responsibility. Abundance is our collective birthright.

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