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Lisa Gibbons is Founder of Orchards Near Me, a platform dedicated to sustainability, tourism and wild food. She is also co-founder of the first Irish Pub in the Web3 Metaverse. She has a Masters in International Tourism, is fascinated by the opportunities of virtual environments to create a more sustainable future. Lisa is a passionate blockchain professional with a love for emerging technology, the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, education and sustainability.  

She writes for numerous publications, including Euronews, CoinTelegraph, Cryptoslate, Blockleaders and Blocktelegraph.  After learning about the leading women in blockchain Lisa teamed up with acclaimed journalist Jillian Godsil to run the Blockleaders news site as a new censorship resistant media platform under the Roundtable brand.  

Lisa works with numerous metaverse projects, has minted her own NFTs and is fascinated by the technology that brings NFT’s to life. In the past Lisa has judged the Student Enterprise Awards and helped to organise the World’s first Simulated Crypto Trading Competition with The Blockchain Academy. 

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