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Our project on Mindinao is focusing on the degraded areas surrounding a sacred forest and last home of the Higaonon people. 

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Nature and Culture Connectivity is the sacred covenant between the creator and humanity. The sacredness of nature has been the foundation of human survival.

Let us consider that our lives depend on the mother earth and the sacredness of this will remain forever.

We believe that we are all the same, same race, same family and inhabit the same place, the mother earth. We share the beauty of diversity. Even though we belong to different tribes we have the vision to protect our last home, the mother earth.


Indigenous peoples believe that without the presence of the rainforest we will all die. The connection our culture has to nature is the way we can survive. We depend on the rainforest; our ancient wisdom will be useless if it is gone. Trees, wildlife, and plants are all useful for interaction, healing and connection.

Please, join us to protect the remaining sacred forest, restore the denuded sacred ancestral lands and fight the continuing abuse of the mother earth. We are all facing challenges brought by deforestation,

logging, mining, real estate companies, and big plantations.

Let us work together to fight for our last chance before it is too late.       


We will give sustainable livelihoods to the local tribes to safeguard the rainforest and restore the denuded lands through reforestation of native trees and through agroforestry; planting fruit trees to create income in the indigenous people’s communities.

Datu Lanelio Sangcoan

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Jungle Hut

We Only Have One Home

Lawaan tree
Kaya kaya tree
Balatok waterfalls
Bayug tree
Marang fruit tree
Anuang tree

Site location and monitoring.

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* list is not exhaustive and is an overview of species used, a full list in PDF format will be attached once compiled.

Species list and usage.*

Lawaan tree.jpg

Lawann tree.
Sacred tree, loved by wildlife,prevents soil erosion.

Anuang tree.jpg

Anuang tree.
Medicinal tree used after childbirth, fruits are loved by birds and other wildlife,

Bayug tree.jpg

Bayug tree.
Sacred tree, has healing properties, soil re-mediator.

Kaya kaya tree.jpg

Kaya-kaya tree.
Restores soil fertility, wildlife food source, source of water.

Titii peanut tree.jpg

Titii peanut tree.
Food source for people and wildlife.

Marang fruit tree.jpg

Marang fruit tree.
Food source for people and wildlife, economically important, prevents soil erosion.

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