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Regeneration Expert & Founder of One Billion Trees for Africa

Tabi H. Joda is the founder of One Billion Trees for Africa. He is an award-winning indigenous agroforester, naturist and Africa DRR champion leading transformative innovations in ecosystem-based adaptation, mitigation and community resilience. 

Joda has taken his initiative from his home in Cameroon to communities across the continent, from Burkina Faso to Uganda. Among the accolades he has received for his efforts are his inclusion in 2019 as an ambassador of the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative.


Joda is a thought-leader in the power of agroforestry to not only address soil and landscape erosion but also social cohesion and the climate refugee crisis. Having planted close to one million trees in his earlier projects, Joda is working to expand his system to allow for widespread application to restore desertified land and provide incomes. He believes that high priority must be given to landscape restoration as a driver of broad-based income grower, people inclusiveness and stimulator of social cohesion.

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Regeneration is our collective responsibility. Abundance is our collective birthright.

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